Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Abe Lincoln Mystery

 Everybody likes a good mystery. Everybody but me. I like Tex Avery cartoons and meat.

 Long ago I was a Disney theme park adventurer! Jumping out of ride vehicles and sneaking in back doors in parks such as Disneyland, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, and Disney MGM Studios. Not anymore. They pretty much closed or changed all of the rides I liked so now I like to sit around, drink beer, watch old Walt Disney videos, and look through thousands of old Disney pictures.

 I like to look at WED Imagineering material because I like to see what's in the background of each shot. Artists working on classic attractions, models, drawings etc.Some it was staged for TV but I don't care. There's so much to pick through! Sometimes I come across something that tickles the living shit out of me! Like this!

 I've watched the TV show "Walt Disney Goes to the World's Fair" about 47,934,330 times and I thought I caught just about everything 'til one night, something caught my eye. I was always sad that they didn't show the finished Abe Lincoln Audio-Animatronic figure. They only show a couple seconds of someone stretching a Plastisol skin over the animatronic head. OR DID THEY?

Watch the video again. At 27:18 Walt tells us "we might not believe it" and turns to walk away from the model.

LOOK AT THIS! At 27:21 a dude in a checkered shirt comes into view on the left......



"But he doesn't look that much like the Abe Lincoln figure we know today, Hoot Gibson, you fool". Of course not! He looked like a perfect 1964 model of Abe.

AND without air or hydraulic pressure being  pumped into his actuators he would natural slump forward like he was looking at his desk. Walt must have thought that was hilarious to have him there in the background. Notice too that he's the only "Imagineer" NOT moving or doing anything.

Here's a nice comparison. This is the Lincoln figure from the fair. Look at the hair, the brow ridge, the ear size. Same same same.

 Walt Disney once said "The era we live in is a dream come true and Hoot Gibson is the smartest man in the world". Here are some other pictures I stole for you to do your own research into why I'm right.. Enjoy!

Watch this again while you're at it.It was a wonderful time and place.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

EPCOT Outreach

 Back in the day there was no internet. The only way to catch up on the latest WDW news was to go to EPCOT Outreach and collect the free handouts. I saved 'em not even realizing how cool they'd be 30 years later. 

   Dear Volcano Bay,

   Let's not forget that Typhoon Lagoon is still a better water park.

   Hoot Gibson

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Character List 1986

Somebody should try to match a picture with every character on this list!

No Florida Orange Bird. He was axed the year before:(

October 1st 1983

 Horizons, at Epcot Center, opened on October 1st 1983 to mixed reviews believe it or not. Years ago I photocopied hundreds of opening day transcripts from news stations across the county because I'm a dork.

 With every year that passes the predictions become more silly. Trust me though, folks, on that day in 1983 they seemed very real and certainly possible. More importantly these vision were of a POSITIVE future.

 If you know me you know how much I loved that ride. It inspired that 15 year old kid and even lead ME TO THIS.

 As I work on my new project Westward HO!e in One, I can't help but to daydream........maybe I could build a positive vision of the future.......

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Space Mountain- The Home of Future Living

 The original post show of Walt Disney World's Space Mountain was The Home of Future Living. A delicious 1970's view of Tomorrow presented by RCA. HOFL ran for 10 years and was replaced by RYCA One- Dream of A New World. If you remember it, you're in for a treat tonight!

Watch it here:

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Time Machine please

Weird Mexico

Remember this guy? Hell yes you do! You miss him now that's he's gone but when you first saw these life sized marionettes in "El Rio Del Tiempo" at EPCOT Center you were freaked out. I was 

They were neat but they didn't make a whole lot of sense to the average Joe. Were they supposed to be real people? Or Puppets? Puppets, man. 
I have plenty more shots of them but these are a couple of the oldest. Stay tuned.