Thursday, June 23, 2016

You're not going to care.

Three people will give a shit about this post. That's ok though because that makes it well worth it.

 Take a look at this picture:

The Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World and included the attraction "Snow White's Scary Adventure". It was great but guests always wondered why they didn't see Snow White anywhere in the ride. The official story was that YOU were Snow White and you saw these adventures unfold through her eyes. That's a fine story but they never bothered to tell the guests that which left them confused.

 In 1971 Fantasyland was way behind schedule. Not as bad as Tomorrowland but in need of some trimming to make the opening. So much got chopped. Entire attractions were scraped and replaced with known favorites like Snow White and Peter Pan.

 This Snow White pictured above appeared in Disneyland's 1983 remake of Fantasyland but it was originally sculpted for Walt Disney World. How do I know? Look at the awesome background figures.

 On the right, in the background, IS THE SCULPT FOR THE COPPERTONE GIRL that once graced the center of Mickey's Mart in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World! Hold on it gets better. To the left, behind Snow White's ass, is the model for the PLAZA SWAN BOATS of the Magic Kingdom!!!!

 What this means, folks, is that you SHOULD have seen Snow White in the original MK attraction but time and budget restraints kept that from happening.

Sunday, December 6, 2015


I'm still cleaning out my vast archive of Disney stuff. I found these two clippings that go right along with my last post. Here we see Blaine Gibson doing his thing. Don't know who he is? Google him and then come back here when you're educated. You'll have a real appreciation for this stuff.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Early Big Thunder

I found this cool Xerox copy in my vast pile of Walt Disney World shit. It came from a WED Enterprises news letter and makes me wonder why they'd need to tell their own employees what they're currently working on. ?

Anyway it's great information for you historians out there. I love how it mentions Discovery Bay at Disneyland! You might also notice that this model looks a little primitive. It's the WDW version but Tumbleweed is on the opposite side.....either that or the main building is. Oh well.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bicycling Ghosts

I posted these pictures on my Facebook page a long time ago. A surprising number of people have never even noticed these ghosts in the graveyard of the Haunted Mansion!

Here's the documentation in case you want to build your own.

Also a handy video I shot in 1991 while sneaking around in there with my pal Mike, Sorry for the shitty quality. 1991......

Isn't the Haunted Mansion NOISY!? Wow. BTW. I've included some shitty Ballroom footage as well.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fiesta Fun Center Part Two

 I'm glad that SO many people enjoyed the last post on the Fiesta Fun Center Shooting Gallery! I'm glad I'm not the only one who ever saw it t Cedar Point or the sister versions at TWO other amusement parks.

 I did some digging and came up with some more fun crap. McGlashan Enterprises did indeed do shooting galleries at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Most notably the original Frontierland gallery at WDW in which folks shot real lead balls at steal targets. "Eyes and Ears" (cast member newspaper) once reported that McGlashan was also working on a system in which the rifles would fire ice pellets! Eliminating the use of lead. History tells us how that panned out.

My good friend How Bowers sent me the information from a previous listing of the Fiesta Fun Center arcade on Ebay. The concept art confuses me. It shows the Disney props as though they were McGlashan stock gags. ???? They also show things that are obviously from Disney but I don't remember them. They also show the Sea Serpent gag which proves I'm not crazy.

There are two different versions of the same scene included in the artwork. Who knows how things get shuffled around and sold off. One could be the original and one could be from somebody's nephew. All I know is the picture above shows what I PERSONALLY would buy is I had over 300,000 dollars to waste on a shooting gallery.

The top one has more heads in it. It even has a chipmunk head in a knight's helmet. It has the Sea Serpent too. It also comes with a TIKI BIRD! 

So far there are NO known pictures of the Sea Serpent. This is where I last saw him, in the dirt, at Mystery Fun House in 1992. Still no sign of the wizard and his book of spells.

Thank you, How Bowers, for these images.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fiesta Fun Center- Shooting Gallery

Anybody who's weird on early Walt Disney World remembers, or has heard of, The Fiesta Fun Center at the Contemporary Hotel. History

The main attraction was a shooting gallery that had no theme. Just animated props with infra red lights as targets. Keep in mind, as you look at this post, that this was pre-video game era 1970's. A shooting gallery was THE SHIT in a giant room filled with skee ball, Pool tables, air hockey, ping pong etc. If you remember that time period this post is for you.

The bare bones of the Shooting Gallery was actually built by another company and was purchased and customized by Disney. The only clue I have  as to who built it is a tag on one of the props that says "Funtime Inc". I can't find any info on Funtime. I saw the same core gallery at two other amusement parks so I know that they sold more than one. Maybe three was all they sold and video games came along and killed them:( Who knows.

ANYWAY. Disney spruced theirs up with some really cool props made from molds of things you'd see in their attractions! That's what made the Fiesta Fun Center version so great and so Disney.

In 1998 I went on vacation to Cedar Point In Ohio with my fresh wife. I wanted to show her my birthplace of Sandusky Ohio and the incredible park that started my fascination with the amusement park industry. Low and behold we discovered the Fiesta Fun Center Shooting Gallery! It had been purchased by Cedar Point from Walt Disney World!

I hate to write too much but hang with me here because this is important. I was sure the gallery had been destroyed BECAUSE in 1992 I was in the art department at Mystery Fun House and I saw the animated Sea Serpent laying in the dirt behind the shop! Beings that Mystery Fun House had it, and was a shit hole, I figured the entire thing was in the dump.

Wrong! There it was at Cedar Point. Let's get on with it then. I present to you "The Cool Disney Additions To A Shooting Gallery They Bought and Added Shit To". Here's the video I shot.

Neat huh? You may have already noticed some Disney Characters in there. Let's see:

OOH! A cat from Pirates of the Caribbean! At Cedar Point! Life is crazy!

A rum drinking dead person! From Disneyland's Pirates! 

This is a hard one.........anybody guess it? Those are the hands from the guy in the coffin in the Haunted Mansion! "Lemme outta here".

There's a mermaid from Peter Pan's Flight! Bare chest and all! At Cedar Point!

Holy shit! It's one of the Gator Boys from Splash Mountain! Actually, at the time, it was from America Sings at Disneyland. 

It's Beacon Joe! Or you may recognize him from Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, etc.  Here he is spear fishing for what I'm sure was a fish from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. He appeared in three places in this shooting gallery. One being the rotating head inside the Knight's helmet. Two being this snorkeling version......

This is the most obscure. If you watch the video again you'll see this head pop up and down. These were the ORIGINAL pop-up attic heads in the Haunted Mansion! This one's been painted to look like a person but you'll recognize the open mouth shape for sure. The original WDW versions were shot up by a blast of air and the head was guided by two wires. See the arrow I made? See the two wires? 

This one......well I had thought for some time that the Jungle Cruise frogs might have ended up in this Gallery. Nope. They did not for these aren't the jungle frogs. Nope. They aren't from America Sings either. They were copied from this:

Late 60's "Frisky Frog" from Fischer Price. Oh well. 

This is the part where I get really dorky. In the video you see these dancing shoes. WELL. WELL. At the Fiesta Fun Center they were part of a bigger picture. You see, there was once a wizard that sat on a stool reading a book of spells. If you shot the target the wizard would point his wand at the shoes and they'd dance! The wizard was the third "Beacon Joe" head. He, along with the Sea Serpent, never made it to Cedar Point. I have no clue as to were he went. 

So......eventually Cedar Point got rid of the shooting gallery. In 2008 it showed up in Texas, for sale, on Craigslist. The seller identified at least two of the Disney added props in pictures so I knew it was the Fiesta Fun Center version. $30,000 for the whole thing. The seller was pretty desperate but I've never had more than $2,000 in the bank and I was in the middle of a great adventure with my friend Mike. 

I wonder where it ever went?