Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean- Little Ship in the Harbor -part one

There was a little activity on Twitter about the "Ship in the Harbor" from the load area of Pirates. Walt Disney World. Here's the first part of my collection for you little ships:)

I think it's still there. Maybe they replaced it with a plywood Johnny Depp. Or a Frozen make over.

If it's still there it will live as a tribute to "old school" detail and craftsmanship.

There's me. See the load area and boats behind me? 

A shot from up on the catwalk above the scene.

The unpainted back side. Also, the end of the Earth!

There's a walkway between the back wall and the plywood water. That way they can access the little rice grain lights on the ship. Should they ever burn out.

From up on the lighting platform.

The walkway between the wall and sea is barley visible even though it's a good 2.5 feet wide.

Somebody should build me a model of this for Xmas.
The waves were slightly raised and would catch the light of the "Wave Effects" projector.

Another shot with more flash. 

What you would see if you were aboard the little ship in the harbor.

Here's Ed Barlow (Chief) keeping watch in the harbor.

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