Monday, October 7, 2013


 Dear Friends, today starts the last week of fund raising for "Ward Dizzley's True Life Action Adventure Comic Digest!" Featuring the Adventures of Hoot Gibson, Chief, and a cast of other idiots!

 Something Wicked This Way Comes-

      Here's how you can tell if this thing is going to be good or not. We've ALREADY had our first warning shot fired across the bow of the SS Ward Dizzley! We're excited but we also realize that this comic book series may become a battle for FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Can we still print what we want in the good ol' USA? Will this ship sink before we even reach the icebergs? NO! But it's up to all of us to pitch in.

 Everybody loves a good Davey and Goliath story even if Davey gets his guts stomped out! That might be what's brewing here, folks. What we need is to reach our goal of funding so we can REALLY start a shit fire of amazing stories! There's something you should know.

 Our contribution page has a magical little feature: The "ANONYMOUS" feature! Let's say you'd rather be a part of the Dizzley underground than to be on the front lines. You'd rather wear a beret and sneak around down by the wharf with code words and shit. YOU CAN! You can contribute without anyone ever knowing that you secretly support this project! Nobody will ever know except you, your choice of god's, and Kim Ensign who will mail you a copy! That's it! I, Hoot Gibson won't even know (in case I fall into enemy hands and they beat me in the cob with a cactus!).

It's now or never. We're going over the top in 7 days.

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