Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More Disney World Art Corner

 I thought I'd take a little of my boss's time to re-post some of my Goofy doodles. I had originally posted 'em on the now defunct "Fresh Roasted Corn".

I doodle while I watch tv, wait to have my tire changed, doctors office waiting room, the DMV, any restaurant etc. I burn through a sketch book about once a month. Most of it's horse shit that only acts as a visual diary for me. I can grab a book from years ago and remember what was going on and where I was. It's fun being retarded.

I discovered that Goofy pops up more than any other character. I like to wrestle with the shape of his head as well as his character. 

There are things about him that you don't see anymore. In most modern cartoon shows the "idiot" has been replaced by the "weird" guy. The funny friend who's different or "out there". Goofy was originally a fuckin' moron and had the classic look for the part.

I'm surprised that he hasn't been PC'ed to death by now. He's still pretty dumb and he still has wacked out teeth. Aren't there kids with buck teeth anymore? Has modern orthodontia erased all of that? If there aren't people getting their feelings hurt by a cartoon dog's teeth we've reached a major milestone as human beings.

 Goofy still acts stupid too which is shocking. You'd think "the slow kids" would have put an end to that years ago. Or somebody would have done it for them because if you're slow you usually don't give a shit.

What if he were dangerous?

Sometimes I draw him with extra teeth growing out of his face. I had that when I was a kid. Teeth growing all over the place. I'm serious! One almost grew out of my lip!

Goofy's almost always happy.

Sometimes he gets pissed when he's trying to do something and it just won't work out. His brain won't function right and he gets frustrated.

I've seen guys like this. I've been that way too.

What if he were so messed up his eyes migrated to the actual front of his face? He would need some sort of eye braces to move them back into place. What if you saw that in real life? Whoa. 

What if Mickey was the dumb one? What if Betty Boop were a drunk?

I was watching Inglorious Bastards when I drew this one. Chances are good that I won't ever draw Disney characters for a living. I probably won't get invited to draw at the Disney Gallery either. 
One time I was certified BY Imagineering to sculpt the Fab Five Disney characters. That's no bullshit.

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