Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress Part Two

 In part one of this series I introduced mankind to the concept that The Carousel of Progress is a mistreated Disney treasure. I mean WALT DISNEY treasure. "Disney" doesn't mean shit anymore. It's a shallow, rip-off word that stands for fake happiness and forced "magic. Just another "in your face" corporate shaft in a very real human ass.

The Carousel of Progress is cool!

I stole some pictures from davelandweb.com in order to illustrate how elements of the original COP still exist at WDW today. These may be from the World's Fair but most likely they're from Disneyland. Anyway, check out how things changed and how some elements have stood the test of time

Here's a classic vignette. Pretty much the same except for the retarded Holiday themed costumes. I wonder who came up with that? Have you noticed that Imagineers today dress like Beaver Cleaver? It was probably one of them who came up with that idea back when they wore Hawaiian shirts and had fishing lures in their ears. Remember when they all had beards/mustaches and wore checkered flannel shirts? Even the girls? Sheep.

We can see that most of the props have survived over the years! Which, as you remember is the purpose of these comparisons.
This scene has a special treat for us. In the WF/Disneyland version Grandpa was listening to his "crystal radio set" through a pair of early headphones. That way Jimmy could have convulsions to that damned jazz music.

In the later version Grandpa needed his hands free so they gave him a new radio. The awesome thing is that the original crystal set IS STILL THERE right next to it! That's like having your VCR right next to your DVD player. Or your DVD player right next to your digital on demand thingy. 

Now grandpa has his hands free for lighting rockets off in his crotch! You can hear his screams of pain from over a hundred miles away!

This scene is pretty close to the original. Granny didn't have a TV set so I'm not sure what she got into once she confirmed that her husband was sleeping. 

It's amazing that Granny's cute treasures are still intact and in the same arrangement on the shelves. 

Ol' Granny likes to watch men beat each other while her husband's asleep. 

Look at this! It's the TV set the kids were watching in a pre Florida version of the show! She even stole the duck statue on top! Cute scene. The kids were watching cowboys and indians shoot each other. The girl dropped out of show business but the boy went on the watch TV in Space Mountain's Home of Future Living at WDW.

Grandpa died in his sleep and was turned over to a shitty mortician. He looks so natural.

I wasn't sure about this scene at first. It seems Sarah was ironing clothes way before she had time for needlepoint and WAY before she had thousands of hours to spend on museum quality costumes for the entire family. Above we see the wooden boards giving us a clue.

The big evidence is in the roll up shades. Rolled down when ironing, rolled up when dressed like Betsy Ross.


Part three coming soon.


  1. Why does the newer version of the figures look so much SHITTIER than the old ones. I figured it would be the other way around...