Sunday, September 21, 2014

Maybe you shouldn't try this.

One time Chief and I were talking about the girl from Sarasota who got her head crushed by the omnimover system in the Haunted Mansion. 

If you don't know the story it goes like this. Some kids weren't bothering to remain seated and the girl slipped and fell between two Doom Buggies. I heard that she got dragged until someone, maybe her body, tripped one of the intrusion mats stopping the ride. They rushed her out of there and she died in the hospital. Sad because that means she wasn't able to claim the Ghost #1,000 spot.

Chief became fascinated with this story and decided to ride the Haunted Mansion with his head sticking out the side.(pictured above) He laid on the floor and hung his head out.  Remember that as the Buggies rotate they come in close contact with each other. 

After the ride Chief exclaimed that it WAS indeed a dangerous ride system and one could certainly be killed this way. 


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  1. this happened at disney world? whatttttt
    when was this