Sunday, October 5, 2014

Two from EPCOT Center

Two more rare gems from my vast collection of obscure WDW pictures.

Dreamfinder's writing himself a mystery story. That attraction had such awesome scenic painting in it! The keyboard is also correct which means this was taken before everything had to be a nod to the Imagineers. 

Meanwhile, over at Spaceship Earth, the TV family sits in their backyard watching Walt Disney! These shots are from the WAY early 90's for you historians out there.


  1. Do you think they used the same AA figure for the organ playing ghost in Haunted Mansion for the keyboard typing Dream Finder?

  2. More Journey Into Imagination, please, sir. And seriously, couldn't they find a footstool to match the hideous couch? And what are the family thinking? Those dour looks on their faces. There's a story there...Perhaps combine the two...Add some more words, like Dagger, Blood and Gory, and then....Mwuh Ha Ha HAAA....A murder?

    Like I said over at Mesa Verde Times eons ago...all it takes is one of those AA's to get hold of a socket wrench and then we're all done for.