Saturday, November 8, 2014

Norway Saturday

Hey! It's Norway Saturday at 12:54pm! To celebrate I offer you a couple pictures.

Time to confess. I never liked Maelstrom. HOLD ON HOLD ON don't leave yet. Let me explain why.

This was one of those Eisner era attractions that falls into a weird category:

1. When it opened at EPCOT Center it was crappy compared to the rest of the park. It was short, the boats were bulky, large portions of the sets visible to guests were unfinished etc.


2. When it closed it was way better than the rest of Epcot! At least it was a boat ride, it had animatronic figures in it, and there were no Disney cartoon characters acting stupid! So it died as a hero!

Over in the Magic Kingdom, Delta Dreamflight was the same way. Think about it.

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  1. That scene above: I always imagined she was bitching at them. "You've been gone a month and you didn't bring back any bread or polar bear meat!"

    We just did a Behind The Scenes tour and out at the fabrications building (behind MK) there was an area off to the side where a bunch of pieces from the Norway ride were in various states. The guy who stood with his foot on the log was there, but with his leg up and no log. The big polar bear had been stripped down. There was a pile of fur, and nearby was the bare mechanics (hah - pun!) and it was labelled Papa Bear. A sad end for the big furry guy.