Sunday, January 18, 2015

El Rio Del Tiempo slides.

As you may remember, Horizons closed so Chief and I turned our attention toward the Mexico Pavilion. We were certain that El Rio Del Tiempo would be on the chopping block as rumors of a Donald Duck make over go as far back as 1997.

We were in our prime. We had just documented the most amazing "Future Living" attraction ever built. Mexico was a breeze but no less interesting.

As I crawl through my vast collection of shit, I came across these two slides from El Rio Del Tiempo, The River of Time. Stick with me here and I'll do my best to describe how they worked in the show.

Just as your boat left the "Small World" section, as people like to call it, there were a white plaster set of buildings right in front of you. A projection of kids being pulled by a boat on an inflatable banana. We climbed to the roof of those buildings and found a projector and a device that made the slide pan across the sky on the opposite wall. So, just after the "hot tub cavern" on your left you'd see these chicks para sailing across the sky of the beach scenes! It was hard to notice as you rode by but it was one of those cool little details that Disney use to do.  

These were on the floor. I imagine they were getting old and were replaced by a careless maintenance man who woke up from his 3rd shift nap and threw them down on the filth.

Bikini girls flying through the air!! Genius.

I enjoy them on my Pana-View 2 by Sawyers. If I turn out all the lights, cook some tacos,  get in the bath tub, dump a little chlorine in the toilet, and move my head from left to right, I feel like I'm really there.

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