Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rivers of America and the Old Man.

 There was some confusion, on one of the other four million Walt Disney World Blogs/Facebook pages, as to the real name of the guy in front of the shack on the Rivers of America. I think of him as "Beacon Joe". He might still be called that. Other names include "Alligator Joe", "Ol' Cracker Barncliff", "Killer Joe Swanson", and the civil war hero "Colonel Harland Sanders and his dog King Charles".

 I'm sorry that I can't answer this one for sure. Sadly, his official name, going by the 1973 Figure Guide page 2, is "Rocking Chair Figure". NOW WHAT do we do? Rufus the dog is "Dog in Boat". The Fish is still called "Fish". Whew! I thought the world had gone fucking crazy!!

The old man's name must have come from the Riverboat spiels themselves. They had to call him something I guess. I've always heard "Beacon Joe and his dog Rufus" so that's what I'm going to call them for the rest of my life. That or "Beacon Joe Head Salesman of the River Styx".

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