Monday, November 9, 2015

Fiesta Fun Center Part Two

 I'm glad that SO many people enjoyed the last post on the Fiesta Fun Center Shooting Gallery! I'm glad I'm not the only one who ever saw it t Cedar Point or the sister versions at TWO other amusement parks.

 I did some digging and came up with some more fun crap. McGlashan Enterprises did indeed do shooting galleries at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Most notably the original Frontierland gallery at WDW in which folks shot real lead balls at steal targets. "Eyes and Ears" (cast member newspaper) once reported that McGlashan was also working on a system in which the rifles would fire ice pellets! Eliminating the use of lead. History tells us how that panned out.

My good friend How Bowers sent me the information from a previous listing of the Fiesta Fun Center arcade on Ebay. The concept art confuses me. It shows the Disney props as though they were McGlashan stock gags. ???? They also show things that are obviously from Disney but I don't remember them. They also show the Sea Serpent gag which proves I'm not crazy.

There are two different versions of the same scene included in the artwork. Who knows how things get shuffled around and sold off. One could be the original and one could be from somebody's nephew. All I know is the picture above shows what I PERSONALLY would buy is I had over 300,000 dollars to waste on a shooting gallery.

The top one has more heads in it. It even has a chipmunk head in a knight's helmet. It has the Sea Serpent too. It also comes with a TIKI BIRD! 

So far there are NO known pictures of the Sea Serpent. This is where I last saw him, in the dirt, at Mystery Fun House in 1992. Still no sign of the wizard and his book of spells.

Thank you, How Bowers, for these images.


  1. It is really weird seeing Disney figure props in a shooting gallery like this. I remembered reading that Disney actually bought MacGlashan in 1969, and they continued to install these types of shooting galleries (including one at Six Flags Over Georgia).

  2. You are not crazy, I spent every WDW vacation at the Contemporary as a child. I remember the shooting gallery, I always thought it was Merlin's "workroom" as I think I remember a Merlin the wizard standing in it. I do 100% remember the the sea serpent, it scared me but I'm a moron and couldn't stop shooting that target because it also fascinated me. It would stick it's head out of the "water" look at the shooter and hiss.

  3. We had one at Golf N Stuff in Phoenix, AZ which must have been demolished sometime in the late 80s. It did not have all the sections... ours was missing the Toy and Western sections. the blog Passport2Dreams covers the WDW version in a lengthy post on the Contemporary Resort here:

    Apparently the shooting gallery was designed by Disney, manufactured by MacGlashan, and then sold to a few other venues (Cedar Point, etc.)