Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Arts and Crafts With World Famous Dave Ensign Part Two

Second day. Time to start shaping this version of F77 into a nice organic shape. You need:

1. A Sawz All with the longest blade possible.
2. An air grinder with a wire brush wheel.
3. A saw
4. A hack saw blade with a handle made of duct tape

 If you're thinking that you'd like to use a hot wire macine or a hot're a chump. Maybe on Planet F they'll let you fuck around for six weeks carving this thing. We have one day because it not only saves money (higher ups like that) it's also all the time I need.

If you're in the themed entertainment industry and find this concept frightening, go wake up your boss and bitch and cry about it until you're both able to drive the project away. WHEW! They almost had to do some work!

Coming along nicely! Remember to carve the basic muscle shapes. Not too much detail because that will come later.

Refine your F77. Have fun with it. Never mind the people who come up and bother you just because they hate you. The more lazy people you make look bad the more God loves you.

 There we go. Ready for the next step. Be sure to roll your F77 back into the makeshift prison tent. Pose it in such a way that sneaky Union bastards can get a good photo of it. 

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