Saturday, September 7, 2013

El Rio Del Tiempo lost audio

 Here we go. I bring you two gems from "El Rio Del Tiempo". As you know, Chief and I did some missions in there in which we brought along the ol' tape recorder. The clips you're about to hear are by no means studio quality. We pretty much put the recorder next to a speaker or, in best cases, used a telephone mic.

A guy had tipped us off to this recording style years before. If you were to go to Radio Shack you could purchase this handy suction cup mic. Not only did it record conversations on the old style telephones it also worked on standard SPEAKERS! So, instead of really shitty audio you got mildly shitty audio!

Better than nuthin'. 

Clip 01, Fiesta time, is the standard track that plays through the last portion of the ride. 

NOW the awesome part of this attraction (like many old school Disney attractions) was that it was peppered with audio tracks. As your boat cruised through the different tracks would mix in the air and massage your brain. We captured as many as we could some of which weren't even noticeable as you rode the ride! We would ride through and try to hear the individual tracks. No dice.

This one was near the film of the Mariachi Band playing next to the hot tub.

If anyone would like to clean them up and share them as a torrent or whatever please do. I'd also like to get the studio cuts if anybody knows where or how.


PS. Let me know if Dropbox shits out:)


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