Friday, December 27, 2013

RCA in Tomorrowland

Here's a clipping of a nice Johnny Hench concept for WDW Tomorrowland. As you all know RCA was to play a major part in the new Vacation Kingdom and a major part of Tommorland was this Communication Center. This was to be, like it says, the nerve center of the entire property. Guests would have been able to witness first hand how it all worked. Monorails being tracked, DACS, etc. 

Some diagrams show this attraction in different locations. One would have been where the Carousel of Progress now sits. Another would have been the empty space to the East of the Starjets. 

Even though RCA's presence at WDW was scales down the concept didn't die. It was used later at EPCOT CENTER's Astuter Computer Review /Backstage Magic attraction.


  1. Would you have been able to listen in on private conversations from the telephones in the hotels?