Sunday, October 26, 2014

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea -Shark Vs Octopus

Ward Dizzley's second comic book will be out in a couple of days and I hear it features two stories about the attraction Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea!

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea at Walt Disney World was truly an amazing experience. A true Walt Disney style attraction. Learn all about it at Widen Your World. If you never had the chance to go on it you truly missed out on something unique.

I have a pretty good collection of rare pictures. I may have posted some before but I want to make sure I get them all scanned and shared for history's sake,

Let's look at some details as though we're kids again and we haven't been beat down by the fact that all of this is gone forever. Let's pretend 20k is still there and we're looking through a crack in the fence or something. What do we see?

1: There's a sub sitting at the dock! They've covered it with plastic to keep paint and stuff off it.
2: There's one of Captain Nemo's crew members tending an undersea garden!
3: Another diver is covered in plastic. This is one of the guys who has lassoed a sea turtle.
4: The the wooden refurb fence around the attraction.
5: You can see Fantasy Fair on the west side of the lagoon.
6: This lucky guy is mixing epoxy which he will use to glue down some plant life. At this very millisecond he has NO idea how lucky he is. I wonder if he ever stood up and looked around at the amazing shit around him. Most likely not.
7: The coral effect was done by spraying wet cement on metal frames. Then, they threw handfuls of small pebbles at it. A few larger stones here and there. When you were waiting in line you could see the little stones still in the craters! I wanted to try it someday. So, when I grew up, I did!
8: The animated creatures were put together in such a way that they could be easily removed from the show. For example the octopus, shark, and rock are all one unit. Divers could pull it from the ride and simply cap the hole if need be. When the animation was repaired they'd put it back in. 

Man, that's fun! Stay tuned for more!

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