Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fantasyland Friday!

Hey it's Fantasyland Friday! Only it's not Friday but when I started this post it was. Then, I started drinking beer and I forgot what day it was! Next thing you know it was Saturday! Saturday's a perfect time for Fantasyland Friday. 

My first offering is this fun shot from It's a Small World. 150 years ago me and my friend, Mike Fink King of the Jungle, would sneak in there for no reason at all. It SEEMS like it would be boring but it was really fun. It's a challenge to move behind the plywood sets without being seen by the people in the boats. I thought it was fun to take pictures of them.

The original Peter Pan's Flight sign. Back then I was obsessed with that ride. I wanted to document every inch of it and as far as I know I have the biggest collection of PPF media in the world. Hundreds of pictures and a full set of blue prints. I'm not bragging. 

I'm bragging.

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